We do everything in our control to hold scheduled events (practice and/or games). 

If we experience conditions that require a cancelation of an event the appropriate decision will be made by your league’s executive representative and a notification will be sent via e-mail, text or mobile App 30 – Minutes prior to the event. 

Make Up Dates

Games - Will be rescheduled for a Thursday of the same week or following. Based on field availability. However, cheerleaders will NOT be required to attend these Thursday makeup dates. 


In the event lighting or another weather condition occurs while attending an event at Pleasent Crossing Elementary league officials will direct everyone to clear the field.

At which time, all attendees are to gather their belongings and return to your vehicles.

A league official will then communicate via the app if the event is delayed or postponed due to weather.

PLEASE NOTE: if you leave your child unattended for any reason, you MUST come back for inclement weather ASAP.  Because of this, we request that parents or guardians are ALWAYS present for games and practices so children are always able to be picked up due to inclement weather. 


In the event that it's too hot to practice, Cheer Director will notify parents if practice is cancelled OR moved into the gymnasium by 5:30pm before a 6pm practice start. In the event that it's too hot to have a game, the Football Director will notify parents if game is cancelled AND Cheer Director will notify parents if game time has transitioned to practice to into the gymnasium by 5:30pm.