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Post Season

Award Presentation

Flag Football Players will join the Tackle Football players and Cheerleaders to receive awards at 7:30 pm (Conclusion of the Division 2 game) on Wednesday, October 4th at the Varsity High School Field.

At 7:15 pm teams should gather at the west end of the Football Field (near the “Rock”).  At 7:25 pm teams will be directed to line up (smallest to largest jersey number) on the track and walk toward the visitor 50-yard line. At the end of the 3rd & 4th championship, game teams will align on their assigned yard line (see chart below).

The cheerleaders will perform at this time in front of the entire league. Then rejoin the group to receive awards.

When instructed Coaches will lead their team onto the field stopping short of the Warrior Head (Please no standing on the Warrior Head). The Varsity players will fill in behind the youth players for the League picture.

Once the picture is completed Coaches will then line their teams up on their yard line on the visitor sideline and await the medal ceremony.

When a team is called they will be escorted across the 50-yard line by a varsity player on the left side of each participant where they will shake hands with all board members. At the #'s nearest the home sideline each player will receive their award from Coach Fisher. 

Once the Player has received their award they can leave the field to meet with family near the ROCK for additional family pictures


Team Yard Line Order of Introduction
Cheer Squad 1 (5th & 6th) 42 15
heer Squad 2 (3rd & 4th) 43 14
Cheer Squad 3 (1st & 2nd) 44 13
Warrior Orange (D2) 45 8
Warrior Blue (D2) 46 7
Warrior Grey (D2) 47 6
Warrior Blue (D3) 48 5
Warrior White (D3) 49 4
Warrior Orange (D1) 49 1
Warrior Blue (D1) 48 3
Warrior Grey (D1) 47 2
Warrior Blue Flag 46 9
Warrior Grey Flag 45 10
Warrior Orange Flag 44 11
Warrior White Flag 43 12

Championship Week

Is the final week of the regular season. The team website will be updated once match ups are established.

During this week teams will play on weekdays with the championship on Thursday the first week of October. 

Please refer all questions concerning game times and locations to your coach.