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Did you hear about the sport from a friend or neighbor and want to find out more? 

First, you're in the right spot.  We offer Tackle programs at the youth level.

If you have a child that is interested in football regardless of age, youth or high school, have them check out one of our free intro resources located in the right column.  Our site has a tremendous amount of info so please read through the information on the Pride tab. Can't find what you are looking for? Just email us and we'll be happy to chat with you. 

Football is a great sport for physical activity, fun, and discipline. Don't worry if your kid has never played, as most kids here haven't so your child is not at a disadvantage.  A lot of kids have only picked up a football in the last year to two, and every year we add more new kids to the program.  

Looking to join? 

Five Tips for Youth Football Parents
Football 101: Guide for Beginners


Rookie Tackle (Modified Game)

Rookie Tackle is part of USA Football's adoption of the united States Olympic Committee's American Development Model (ADM).  ADM serves as a framework for long-term athlete development to help advance the sport into the future.

Rookie Tackle was created with input from youth football leaders throughout the United States to improve the playing experience for young athletes.

Why Rookie Tackle:

-Fosters Participation
-Players Rotate Positions
-Smaller Fields
-Maximizes Field Space
-Smaller Rosters
-Increased Activity


The Modified Game

A majority of America’s most popular sports offer some sort of refined version to allow young players to adjust and develop within the sport in a manner that is appropriate for their size and age level.

In baseball, young athletes play an altered version of the game where players move from tee ball to coach-pitch to player-pitch, while basketball allows younger players to shoot on a lower hoop.

In 2015, USA Football developed a modified version of tackle football designed specifically with younger athletes in mind. The program is rooted in the idea that young players can take a gradual path to learning the sport: from modified tackle football to traditional 11-man tackle.

The Westfield (Ind.) Youth Football League adopted the program for the 2016 season. League director Jake Gilbert, who also coaches the local high school team, believes it’s a solid starting point for young people to be introduced to the game. “There is a natural progression for a young player to move from flag to modified (tackle football) to true, 11-man football,” he said. “Following this pathway is in the best interest of the player and therefore the game overall.”

Whiteland Junior Football is now taking the next steps to join their ranks by introducing a modified Tackle Football league for Kindergarten and 1st Graders. The bridge game to traditional 11-on-11 tackle football features:


  • Eight-man on field with 12 players per team
  • Every player starts in a two-point stance (except Center and Quarterback)
  • Players rotating positions every quarter (Except players that exceed weight limit)

Previously Implemented

  • Smaller playing field
  • No special teams
  • All possessions starting with the ball on the 40-yard line regardless of whether there was an interception, fumble, touchdown or turnover on downs, with the football returning to the 40-yard line to start each new drive
  • Two coaches being allowed on the field to organize and quickly provide guidance to their players

Player Reward Program

Receive a Free Football Player or Cheerleader registration with any $350 or greater sponsorship returned to our marketing team. It is never too late for a Sponsor to Donate. If a player or Cheerleader has already paid for their registration, their registration fee will be refunded by November 31st.

Visit for complete details.

Football Cost

The Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League (WWJFL) executive board strives to keep registration fees as low as possible. Which, you can image is a consistent struggle with supplier expenses continuing to increase annually.  The registration fees, sponsorships and donations cover operating expenses (IHSAA Licensed Officials, football jerseys, insurance, trophies, and administrative costs), along with future development of the program. . 

The cost per football player is $180.00 plus online registration third party fees

  • $20.00 discount for registrations prior to June 1st  
  • $10.00 discount for each additional child registration   

Each registration includes:

  • Youth Camp Fee w/T-shirt (Hosted by Coach Fisher and his Whiteland Varsity Football staff)
  • Game jersey
  • Football Equipment (Helmet & Shoulder Pads)
    • The provided equipment is the property of the Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League and must be returned by the end of the season. You are responsible for all replacement costs of any lost or non-returned equipment issued to you or your child by WWJFL.

Championship Week (Grades K - 6th) October 2nd - 5th

2018 WWJFL Awards Night - Football Players and Cheerleaders will receive awards 7:30pm Wednesday Oct 4th at the Varsity High School Field. 

We will use the same format in 2018 as we did in 2017 (seee example below). The dates are set and team playoff schedules will be posted after by Sunday the week prior.

Example of 2016 post season schedule. Subject to change based on venue availablity.


Select your division link for bracket information.




Please refer all questions concerning game times and locations to your coach. 



Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League Sponsors

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League and support youth in your area.

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League and support youth in your area.

Sponsored by Become a sponsor

Become a sponsor

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Want to participate in your local community? Become a  sponsor for Whiteland Warrior Junior Football League and support youth in your area.