Pleasant Crossing Elementary

3030 N 125 W, Whiteland, IN 46184, United State

School Ground Rules

  • Please pick up all trash and absolutely NO Smoking on School grounds.
  • This is a volunteer organization.  Our board members work diligently to make practice and games exciting and enjoyable for all players and their families.  
  • Enforcing the rules is, unfortunately, part of the process, and we appreciate your cooperation.  


Parking Plan

Pleasant Crossing Elementary parking plan is in accordance with the local state fire code per the Fire Marshall. This plan provides a safe and family-friendly environment for all game attendees.

We ask that you please follow these guidelines on game days (Reference map for visual aid);

  • No parking on the existing road (pavement)
  • Use the south or North school entrance to access the west and south lots.
  • Parking is allowed in Green areas (North, East, and South ends of the school)
  • Handicap / Senior parking is on the West End of the school
    • Pickup/Drop Off area by Blue park bench near the playground

We thank you for your support!

The Board

Cleaniness of the Grounds

Pleasant Crossing Elementary allows WWJFL to have access to the property.

In an effort to avoid losing these fields, we ask all players, fans, and coaches to ensure all trash makes it into one (1) of the 12 trash cans around the facility.

Please, even if it is not your trash, if you see it on the ground pick it up.

Every Wednesday evening, we will need volunteers to help change all the trash bags at the fields and place the full bags by the pod to be hauled by the coaches. 

Note - Trash removal is the responsibility of WWJFL, not the school custodians.  

New trash bags can be found in the concession stand. If we have enough people helping out this should only take a short amount of time.

Thank you all for your help in keeping our fields clean so that we can continue to have a place to practice and hold games.