ALL Spectators are to watch games in designated areas only (Reference Map).

Coaches and Players Only are allowed on the team side of the field during games

Spectators are not allowed on the playing field at any time.

We thank you for your support!

Game Play

Coin Flip Visiting team makes call, prior to the start of each game. Teams will only switch direction at halftime.
Game Length All games will be 4 quarters in length. Game not to exceed 70 minutes (1hr & 10 min) NO overtime
Start Time All Games subject to start upto 10 minutes early.
Play Clock 10 minute running clock. 40 second play clock keep by the official for all Divisions. No two minute warning - Officals follow IHSSA clock rules the finial 2 minutes of each half. Clock stops after each score, re-starts on officals whistle. (extra point attempt is an un-timed down). Note - Officials to keep game moving after a score. @ Plainfield 8 min quarters with ISHAA rules all time
Time Outs Each team will get 4 (1 min.) timouts limit 3 per half. Time outs are taken on the field. All coaches can be on the field during timeout Water taken to players on field
Half-Time Halftime will be 4 minutes long.  Teams will only switch direction at halftime. @ Plainfield 5 min
Playing Time All players are expected to participate equally throughout the entire game. Every player should start on offense or defense. Play all snaps on one side of the ball or 50% on both sides of the ball.

Mercy Rule

When a team has an 18 point lead or more at any point in the game they are required to sub out the ENTIRE Offensive backfield (all players must be new to the backfield – not putting the QB at RB, etc.). (3 main backs can NOT touch the ball)

If the 18 point difference is reduced to under 18pts, then the team with the lead is allowed to put its starting backfield back into place. 

Note - the players that were in the backfield are allowed to stay in the game in other positions.

No gimmick or trick plays allowed to include but not limited to (reverses, hook & ladder, etc.) when Mercy Rule is in effect.

Football Size by Grade

5th & 6th 3rd & 4th K - 2nd
TDJ (Junior) K2 (Pee Wee) K2 (Pee Wee)

Practice Guidelines

All practice dates, times, and locations will be scheduled by the League.   All coaches must adhere to the practice schedule. 

  • Practice Plan
    • Dynamic Warm-ups 
    • Position Fundamentals 
    • Team 

All  practice cancellations will be posted on the league website. 

Team Structure

Each league will have 3 – 4 divisions by grade (5th - 6th), (3rd – 4th)  2nd, (K – 1s Flag Only)

1st graders are allowed to play tackle Football provided they exceed 50lbs and parents sign league waivers.

Each Mid-State league agrees to use an individual player evaluation process that identifies each players athletic ability then distribute it evenly creating a competitive environment that encourages player development.

[NO Stacking Teams, No ABC Teams, No Tier Teams]

Playing Time / Substitution

  • All players are expected to participate equally throughout the entire game. The only exception would be due to injury.
  • Player Shortage
    • Team must have less than 13 players to request a player from another team
    •  May not exceed 13 players if using players from another team
    • Sub player wears his original teams jersey (No-Switching of jerseys)
      • The intent of subbing from another team is not to allow top rated players to play on other teams. 
  • Each league to administer the enforcement of this rule. 
  • All substitutions must be approved by each leagues director.

Post Season

Post-season play will be determined by the Executive Board.

Franklin Franklin will have a $2 per individual gate fee and $5 for entire family. Players and coaches do not pay. None
Greenwood None None
Martinsville None None
Mooresville None None (All Stars - Yes)
Plainfield None None
Whiteland None None
Perry None None