DefensePlaybook Per League Bi-Laws
LB/DB All linebackers and defensive backs must be a minimum of 4 yards from LOS (OLB are also 4 yards from outside end O-lineman (4x4) Linebackers can move up to 2 yards from line of scrimmage in goalline situations (inside the 10 yarrdline).
Blitzes No BLITZES are allowed in any Division. (Player can move in any direction after the ball is snapped).
Lineman No Gap Play aloowed in any grade or divison The defensive lineman engages the offensive lineman, using his hands at minimum to one shoulder, and works toward the ball carrier. All Grades - Lineman must be in a 3 or 4 point stance.
Lineman Alignment Center is Uncovered for every play in all Grades. Grades (1-4 ) - All linemen are HEAD-UP When covering a TE a team can elect to use DT or walk up another player (LB, DB, Safety). Anyone covering a TE must play from a 3 or 4-point stance.
Grade ( 5 & 6th) - Linemen are HEAD-UP or Shaded. No zero or 1 tech's. 2I is allowed provided lineman engages Guard first.

Helmet Markings Eligible Positions Weight (League Bi-Laws by Division)
None All Equal to or Less than League Max
1 Stripe DL/LB Up to 20 plus lbs. of league Max
2 Stripe DL Exceeds 20lbs of league Max (2 Stripe players must play from 3 or 4 point stance)