On Field of Play

Position On Field

•Offense -  behind QB (8-10 yards)

•Defense - behind Safeties (8-10 yards)

No coaching or instruction by on field coach after the break of the huddle or during a play (i.e. Yelling "Pass" or "Reverse").  

On the field

Grade K - 2nd 3rd and 4th 5th & 6th
# On Field 2 1 0


Only Players and Coaches d on the designated side of the field during games.

A maximum of 4 Coaches can represent each team.

Coach's will not argue the interpretation of the rules with the Officials.

Selection Process

All head and Assistant Coaches who support the Whiteland Football program have cleared a background check prior team allocation 

Any acts deemed detrimental to the League will be brought before the Executive Board and addressed accordingly.

For a complaint to be officail it must be submitted to to an Executive Board member in writing.