Helmet Markings Eligible Positions Weight (League Bi-Laws by Division)
None All Equal to or Less than League Max
1 Stripe TE/OL league Max - up to 20 plus lbs. TE - must be in a 3 or 4 point stance and not detached from line of scrimmage. Not allowed to advance the ball after a catch, fumble recovery or interception.
2 Stripe OL league Max - exceeds 20lbs Players must play from 3 or 4 point stance can't advance the ball

Offensive Playbook Per each Leagues Bi-Laws
Line Consists of 1Center, 2 Guards, 2 Tackles, and 2 Ends (Tight or Split). The line must be balanced ( no overloading one side of the ball). (See Diagram)
Snap Count No silent snap count.
QB Play No "A" Gap QB sneaks form under Center QB must be a minimum of 4 yards from center in "Shot Gun" type formations